Celebrate 20 Years of Mental Floss With Our New Anniversary Collection Products

Mental Floss Store
Mental Floss Store / Mental Floss Store
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Mental Floss is turning 20! And to celebrate the occasion, we've put together an anniversary collection product line over on the Mental Floss Store that distills two decades of puns, facts, and curiosities and splashes them across T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and more. And through the weekend, we're also offering 20 percent off the entire store when you use the code MF20 at checkout.

Mental Floss Store

For beachgoers, our Anniversary Beach Bag is a great way to show off your Flossy spirit as you enjoy a day in the waves. This bag can hold up to 44 pounds, so you can bring a good portion of your to-read pile along for the trip. You can also check out our bubble-free anniversary stickers, which come in three different sizes. Stick them anywhere from your desk to your wall, and people will know where you go to feed your inquisitive mind. Each product sports our anniversary logo, celebrating 20 years of curiosity.

Mental Floss Store

Mental Floss wouldn't be what it is today without our Amazing Fact Generator. To commemorate this iconic part of being Flossy, we've put some of our favorite facts on a new line of shirts. So now, you can teach everyone around you that fish cough, brunch was literally invented to nurse hangovers, and that you probably suffer from tsundoku, which is the Japanese word for collecting piles of books and never reading them.

Make sure to head on over to the Mental Floss Store and use the code MF20 to get a 20 percent discount on all of our products throughout the weekend.

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