Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Is Returning to McDonald's Soda Fountains

McDonald's / McDonald's

You may be too old for Happy Meals, but at least you can still enjoy a nostalgic drink with your order at McDonald's. As CNN reports, the fast food chain is bringing back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst to its restaurants following a public outcry from fans of the sweet orange drink.

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst was a staple of McDonald's soda fountains for more than 60 years, having first debuted on the menu in 1955. In 2017, the chain replaced the beverage with Sprite Tropic Berry, which Cocoa-Cola produced exclusively for the company. Customers were quick to voice their displeasure. They took to the internet to start petitions and write social media posts demanding the drink's immediate return.

McDonald's heard their pleas, and has agreed to restore Hi-C to its rightful place in its soft drink roster. The fast food giant has even built a website customers can use to track the arrival of the drink at their local McDonald's restaurant. According to the webpage, fans can start looking out for Hi-C Orange Lavaburst beginning Monday, February 15, 2021. The rollout will continue over the next several months and customers should expect the drink to be available nationwide by this summer.

McDonald's may be famous for their burgers and fries, but their fountain drinks have gained a cult following. Some people insist that Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald's, and they may be on to something. Thanks to the way the product is stored, McDonald's Coke is usually fresher and colder than the soda sold in stores.

[h/t CNN]