You Could Get Paid $1000 to Watch 5 Seasons of Friends

Joey and Chandler enjoy their new recliners during season 2 of Friends.
Joey and Chandler enjoy their new recliners during season 2 of Friends. / Warner Bros.

Considering how much time Joey and Chandler spent reclining in front of the TV, they’d probably approve of binge-watching Friends—and especially getting paid to do it.


As Travel + Leisure reports, is offering five viewers the chance to earn $1000 by watching the first five seasons of Friends. It’s a little less than 45 hours of television, which works out to about $22 per hour. You’ll also get a DoorDash gift card worth $100 and some Friends swag, including a Friends T-shirt; a Friends Tervis tumbler; a fleece blanket decorated with Central Perk’s iconic orange couch and text that reads “This is my Friends watching blanket;” and a Central Perk mug that features a small but functional chalkboard.

If you are chosen for the gig, you’ll be expected to do two things (in addition to actually watching the show). First, you’ll be responsible for getting access to the five seasons of Friends, whether that means purchasing them, renting them, or springing for an HBO Max subscription. One lucky binge-watcher will get to skip this step, since will send the complete 10-season Blu-ray collection to one of the five winners.

You’ll also have to talk about your viewing experience on social media—meaning you’ll need to have at least one social media account that you’re willing to post on. According to the application listing, is “looking for Friends fans that have lively, outgoing social media personalities and who would love to post about their Friends marathon using the hashtag and” Apart from that, applicants must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S.

If you fit that description, you can fill out the application—which asks for your social media handles, some personal details, and a 200-word-or-less explanation of why you should get the job—here. It’s open until March 31, so that gives you a few weeks to become a very active Instagrammer before you apply.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]