Mattel Adds an Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie to Its ‘Inspiring Women’ Series

Eleanor Roosevelt's Barbie likeness.
Eleanor Roosevelt's Barbie likeness. / Mattel
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Earlier this year, Mattel added a Maya Angelou Barbie to its “Inspiring Women” series. Now, in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, the toy retailer is introducing yet another inimitable historical figure to the ranks: Eleanor Roosevelt.

As the niece of a president (Theodore Roosevelt) and wife of another president (Franklin Roosevelt), Eleanor Roosevelt was well-equipped to wield a certain amount of power in the political sphere. She used that opportunity to further the feminist agenda and make “First Lady” a more modern role—she even hosted women-only White House press conferences to give female reporters access that was usually denied to them. She also shared her personal and political opinions in a syndicated newspaper column called My Day, which ran for nearly three decades; protested segregation and advocated for civil rights; and served as a delegate to the United Nations.

"We are delighted to welcome former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to the Barbie Inspiring Women series and to shine a light on how her perseverance as a champion of policies around civil and economic rights made an impact on the world," Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and Global Head of Barbie and Dolls at Mattel, told PEOPLE.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a frequent wearer of pearls.
Eleanor Roosevelt was a frequent wearer of pearls. / Mattel

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Barbie likeness—wearing a black hat, black loafers, and a string of pearls to complement her floral-patterned dress—is currently available for $30 from Walmart and Target.

It’s not the only way Mattel is celebrating International Women’s Day. The company is also debuting a video series called You Can Be Anything, which aims to inspire the next generation of female leaders with educational and interactive content on a variety of topics, from STEAM to sports. It’ll also feature celebrity role models like actor Yara Shahidi and activist Mari Copeny. A new episode will be available to stream via Facebook or YouTube every Saturday in March.

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