Make Great Cold Brew at Home With This Carafe

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Many of us have gotten used to almost exclusively making coffee at home recently, but the range of options in most kitchens usually begins and ends with a standard hot cup of joe from a Keurig. So, if you want to have cafe-quality cold brew in your fridge every morning, this simple accessory should do the trick.

Designed for refreshingly chilled coffee, the Ovalware Cold Brew Maker ($36) is reminiscent of something you’d see in a science lab, with a similar commitment to precision. The carafe is made of extra-thick borosilicate glass to retain the perfect temperature and is marked with cups and milliliters for those of us who thrive off of accuracy. The Ovalware also uses a stainless-steel filter and cap, and its BPA-free airtight silicone seal locks in freshness and flavor for up to two weeks.


Ovalware recommends grinding about 1.5 cups of coffee beans to a coarse or medium-coarse grind before adding it to the stainless steel filter. Afterward, you just have to pour room-temperature filtered water over the ground coffee to the indicated max line. After stirring the coffee, the cold-brew process begins, and you can leave the carafe in the refrigerator to brew for 12-24 hours, according to your preference. When finished, remove the filter and the finished cold brew concentrate can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks. You can serve your cold brew concentrate with ice, water, or milk for your perfect coffee.

The Ovalware is also versatile enough for hot or cold coffee and cold brew iced tea. This way, you can make your own tea concentrate for quick lattes or milk tea drinks.

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