You Can Now Make Ted Lasso’s Famous Shortbread Biscuits at Home

Jason Sudeikis stars in Ted Lasso.
Jason Sudeikis stars in Ted Lasso. / Apple TV +

It’s widely acknowledged that meetings with your manager (or any meeting, for that matter) are drastically improved if baked goods are also in attendance. As the titular character of Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso demonstrates throughout the series, you don’t need a fancy dessert to soften up a room—simple shortbread will do.

You also don’t need an upcoming meeting on your calendar to justify recreating Ted Lasso’s famous biscuits in your kitchen. As Nerdist reports, Andrew Rea shared a copycat recipe on his YouTube cooking show, Binging with Babish. Beginner bakers can opt for the first version of the recipe, which calls for just four ingredients: butter, salt, sugar, and flour. But Rea also offers some upgrades for anyone interested in really taking your shortbread to Lasso’s level. These include browning your butter; toasting your sugar; adding cornstarch; and coating your pan with a generous layer of Demerara sugar to give your shortbread a nice granular topping.

Even if you opt for the easier recipe, your biscuits will likely turn out even better than Ted’s. Hannah Waddingham, who plays AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, recently revealed that the shortbread used for each “Biscuits With the Boss” scene was low-sugar and less than appetizing. “That’s the greatest acting job of my life, that anyone thought they tasted nice,” Waddington said during a cast interview with Variety. “Literally like sticking a piece of sponge in your face.”

You can watch Rea bake the biscuits both ways in the video below, and read the full recipe breakdown on his website.

[h/t Nerdist]