9 Cats with Careers

midtownboogiefdny via Instagram
midtownboogiefdny via Instagram / midtownboogiefdny via Instagram

Some cats have a particularly useful set of skills that come in handy in the workplace. Sure, they are usually experts at pest control, but that is often superceded by their ability to boost word-of-mouth advertising, draw new customers, and lessen employee stress. Here are a few that excel at their jobs. Or not, but they still aren't in danger of layoff.

1., and 2. Firehouse Cats

You might associate Dalmatian dogs with fire departments, and indeed they are traditional. But if a pet is going to actually live in a firehouse, a cat will keep the mice away and doesn’t need to be walked. A couple of cats who live in New York City firehouses have their own Instagram accounts. Boogie, shown at the top, is in Manhattan at Ladder 24. Carlow, above, lives at Tower Ladder 13 in Yorkville. Both cats have avid followings, and even cross-post each other’s pictures sometimes. They are both loyal FDNY employees who are treated well -spoiled, even!  

3., and 4. Insurance Cats


Affirmative Risk Management (ARM) is an insurance adjustment firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. They list a lot of employees at their website, a few of which deserve a closer look. On page nine, you’ll see London Nelson, vice president of claims  and on page ten, Catastrophe Roberts, vice-president of administration. London Nelson ascended to the office of VP due to hard work, such as warming up the printer and catching mice, and due to the “mysterious disappearance” of her predecessor. Catastrophe Roberts was educated at the Little Rock City Pound, and was hired “his outstanding human relations abilities and interactions with others.” He is called “Cat” for short. Both Nelson and Roberts have their own email addresses.

5. Government Cat

HM Government via Wikimedia Commons // (OGL)

A cat named Larry holds the title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As such, he lives at 10 Downing Street in London, which is the official residence of the British Prime Minister. Larry was adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2011 to control the rodent population of the building and as a pet for Prime Minister David Cameron’s children. He made quite a splash in his new home when he scratched a journalist covering the new employee. Larry was later banished from the Camerons’ apartment, and was resigned to staying in the government offices. He has proven to be a a mediocre mouser, but very skilled at public relations and furniture testing.   

6., and 7. Copy Cats

Freddie Moore

Park Slope Copy Center in New York has two cats named either Stinky and Boom Boom or the more formal names Mr. Charlie and The Sister. Still, everyone calls them the Copy Cats. They have been there as long as anyone can remember, and they don’t don’t do much besides sleep and attract customers. They even sleep on the copy machine; Brenda from Flatbush has evidence.

8. Liquor Store Cat

Pauls2theWall via Imgur

Bordeaux lives at Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits in Boston. Despite the magnificent mustache, she is female. It takes a particular kind of cat to work in a liquor store -the kind that resists the urge to knock bottles off a shelf.

9. Police Cat


A former stray named Iemon became Japan’s first police cat when he was just a kitten. He is the resident feline officer at Yoro Station in Kyoto. Iemon accompanies the police sergeant who checks on elderly residents and tries to educate them about financial scams. The presence of a cat on such visits helps to put older citizens at ease. Iemon also handles public relations for the station, as he looks so good in his uniform.

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