These Popular Baby Names Are About to Fall Out of Fashion

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Like music and fashion trends, the popularity of baby names is constantly shifting. When every parent wants their child to be unique, names that were once considered obscure become commonplace. That's how old-fashioned names like Charlotte, Oliver, Violet, and Theodore topped baby names lists in 2020. But not every moniker that's popular today is destined to stay that way. According MyHeritage, these are the boys' and girls' baby names at the biggest risk of decline in the coming years.

To compile this list of endangered baby names, the genealogy platform looked at census data collected by the U.S. Based on the information, they predict that many classic names will soon start to plummet in popularity in favor of more modern names.

Emma was massively popular in the past decade, dominating girls' names lists several years in a row. MyHeritage forecasts that the name will stay strong for a couple of decades, but by 2042, it will have fallen out of favor. Some names are predicted to drop out of the top of the list much quicker. By 2027, Aiden and Ethan will no longer be common with newborns, the website reports. Other names forecast to lose popularity between now and 2050 include Abigail, Avery, Chloe, David, Logan, and Elizabeth. You can check out the full list of 16 and their expected decline dates below.

If parents want to give their baby a name that's truly unique, they shouldn't be looking at the popularity reports. Here are the most distinctive baby names for each of the past seven generations.

  1. Abigail // 2030
  2. Aiden // 2027
  3. Avery // 2035
  4. Chloe // 2035
  5. Daniel // 2032
  6. David // 2032
  7. Elizabeth // 2036
  8. Emily // 2028
  9. Emma // 2042
  10. Ethan // 2027
  11. Jackson // 2038
  12. Logan // 2049
  13. Matthew // 2028
  14. Mia // 2038
  15. Sofia // 2031
  16. William // 2043