Buy One Funko Pop!, Get One 50 Percent Off Over at Entertainment Earth

Funko/Entertainment Earth
Funko/Entertainment Earth / Funko/Entertainment Earth
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If there's a fandom out there, chances are Funko has already made a Pop! figure of it. The pop-culture novelty company covers everything from superheroes and video games to sitcoms and sports stars. And if you're looking to fill out your shelves with some new 3.75-inch vinyl figurines, head on over to Entertainment Earth, where you can buy one Funko product and get another for 50 percent off until April 27.

There are over 500 Funko items included in this limited-time deal, so there is bound to be something new for you to discover. Fans of Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney can mix it up with a C-3PO keychain, a Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket enamel pin, and a Disney’s Hercules Pez dispenser. Or you can score a Golden Girls Sophia bowling Pop! vinyl along with Elvis Presley in a Hawaiian shirt without bruising your wallet.

If you've gotten your fill of Pops, test your skills with a Funkoverse Strategy Game based on your favorite shows and movies like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. You can even get dressed up with one of the Funko makeup palettes based on Disney villains Ursula, Cruella, and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

This Funko sale is only happening at Entertainment Earth, so make sure to check it out before it ends on April 27.

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