Ditch the Plastic and Brew Sustainably With These Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods

frescopod / frescopod
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Single-use coffee pods may be a convenient way to get your morning caffeine, but the amount of plastic waste they create is cause for concern. (One estimate claims 29,000 of these pods end up in landfills every minute [PDF].) While you can opt for plastic, reusable models, they still don't tout the disposability of the single-use pods, which is part of the allure. But frescopod, founded by Yianni Mamtsaderis, is looking to change that by bringing the same convenience of a K-cup—meaning single-use and disposable—but in an eco-friendly way you won't feel guilty about.

Available now through Kickstarter, the frescopod is a device that assembles pods with biodegradable filters that are held together with a reusable stainless-steel ring. The filters can be thrown away or composted after each use, and the ring can be used again for your next cup. This minimizes clean-up and waste while still being simple to use. The beauty of it all is that you can brew your favorite coffee through a frescopod, so you're not limited to specific brands or grind sizes.

Get your own frescopod on Kickstarter with a minimum pledge of $39. This tier gets you one frescopod, two frescopod reusable rings, and 100 frescopod filters. Pledge $79 or more to get two frescopod devices, four reusable rings, and 200 frescopod filters. Shipping is slated to begin October 2021 and is limited to certain countries.

Back this project on Kickstarter here.

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