The 30 Weirdest Items Forgotten in Ubers Over the Past Year

"Wait for me!"
"Wait for me!" / Say-Cheese/iStock via Getty Images

According to Uber’s latest Lost & Found Index, the items most frequently forgotten by passengers are pretty much what you’d expect: phones, keys, wallets, headphones, backpacks, water bottles, and so on.

That said, not all riders are quite so predictable. Most remember to take their 22 bundt cakes with them when they exit the vehicle, but one person did not. Another passenger accidentally abandoned a catheter.

No matter what you’ve left behind, your Uber driver will help you recover it. Watch the video below to find out how, and read on for a list of 30 especially bizarre belongings Uber riders have alighted without.

1. A Human Tooth

“It was in my pocket,” the person reported, “and seems to have fallen out.”

2. Multiple Bundt Cakes and Some Mac & Cheese

To be specific, it was “22 bundt cakes and a pan of macaroni and cheese.”

3. A Bulletproof Vest

The passenger listed it as an “FBI bulletproof vest.” Forgetting your life-saving gear in the back of an Uber doesn’t seem like the mark of a great FBI agent, but we’re no experts.

4. A Corset

A “nude corset.” Practical, if not comfortable.

5. An Ankle Monitor

It was just “part of an ankle monitor.” Did this rider recently escape house arrest? We may never know.

6. A Painting of Kate Middleton

"What?" / Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

Actually, it was two paintings: A “large painting of Kate Middleton and a small painting of the Grim Reaper.” What more do you need to know?

7. A Dinosaur Costume and a Knife

The person described the items as “a green dinosaur Halloween costume and a knife that is needed for job.” Unclear what the job was, or whether the person will be doing it dressed as a green dinosaur.

8. A Unicorn Tail and a Piñata

Perhaps the green dinosaur and the unicorn were headed to the same party.

9. An Autographed Image From Beauty and the Beast

One unlucky Disney fan lost “a framed Beauty and the Beast signed picture in a plastic case.”

10. A Popcorn Bucket From Disney World

Another Disney fan lost their popcorn bucket. “Isn’t that just trash?” you ask. Not to some—the Disney World popcorn buckets are collectibles.

11. Antique Roller Blades

The blades were left behind with “Christmas plates and a cookie jar.” Let’s assume there were Christmas cookies in the jar.

12. A Fur Cover From a Knee Scooter

“Cuz I broke my foot,” the passenger helpfully explained.

13. A Toilet Seat and a Lemon-Shaped Welcome Sign

You can just sling this around your neck so you don't accidentally leave it behind.
You can just sling this around your neck so you don't accidentally leave it behind. / Dcelotti/iStock via Getty Images

“A toilet seat and welcome door sign shaped like a lemon with a blue ribbon on it,” the person explained. Maybe both were housewarming gifts.

14. A Purple Hair Bonnet

It was a “lil purple hair bonnet,” to be exact.

15. Toiletries and Potatoes

Someone left behind their “bath set and a sack of potatoes.”

16. A Significant Quantity of Frozen Meat

“Frozen meat, a lot of it,” the person wrote. Meat and fish products are forgotten in Ubers more often than you’d think: Other lost items included “rabbit legs,” “fresh shrimp,” one pound of smoked salmon,” “a sushi platter,” and “a cooler full of fish.”

17. Raw Chicken

This meat deserves its own entry because it was left with “20 pounds of salt.” OK, Pa Ingalls.

18. A Scary Cane

A “black cane with a skull handle.” OK, Lucius Malfoy.

19. A Catheter

We don’t have any further details for this one, which is probably for the better.

20. Lingerie (We Think)

Someone left behind “special items from Victoria’s Secret.”

21. A Neck Brace

He's wincing at the thought of the Uber driver reading his diary.
He's wincing at the thought of the Uber driver reading his diary. / Daisy-Daisy/iStock via Getty Images

“My neck brace and my diary,” reported one person. Maybe the story behind the neck brace is chronicled in the diary.

22. Medical Scissors

More precisely: “hospital scissors.” Sterilized thoroughly before the next procedure, we hope.

23. Fake Eyelashes

“False eyelashes and dish soap.” The most iconic pairing since peanut butter and jelly.

24. An Oxygen Tank

The tank wasn’t alone; this rider also forgot their “headband with horns.”

25. A Mannequin Head

No word on whether this elicited a shriek from the Uber driver.

26. A Birth Certificate

It was “inside an UGG earmuff box.” Where everyone keeps their birth certificate.

27. A Crystal Chandelier

Who hasn't lost one of these before?
Who hasn't lost one of these before? / ardaguldogan/iStock via Getty Images

The Phantom of the Opera is at it again.

28. A Prosthetic Leg

Someone was probably not too happy about this one.

29. Edibles

The passenger reported forgetting “wine and my edibles,” no doubt disappointing whatever friends they were on their way to visit.

30. A Beloved Pet’s Ashes

“My dog’s ashes,” the person wrote. Container unknown.