Automate Your Green Thumb With an Indoor Planter That Does the Hard Work for You

Pico Max/Kickstarter
Pico Max/Kickstarter / Pico Max/Kickstarter
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Becoming a full-blown plant parent is about more than just throwing some seeds into a pot on your windowsill and letting nature do its thing. You need adequate sunlight, patience, and a good amount of free time to give your burgeoning home garden the care and attention it deserves. If you’re looking for a more automated way to maintain the plants in your home, the Pico Max system is here to help.

Available now on Kickstarter, the Pico Max is the Goldilocks of indoor planters, providing your plant babies with the perfect amount of light and water. The system's built-in timer helps make sure your plants get the exact amount of LED light needed to grow. If the plant grows too quickly, the proximity sensor will automatically dim the light to adjust for the new foliage. And since wall outlets are rarely located exactly where you need them to be, the Pico Max runs on rechargeable batteries, allowing you to place your plants wherever you want them around the house.

Pico Max/Kickstarter

To make sure your plants get enough water, all you have to do is fill the reservoir every 10 days. Pico Max uses an irrigation system that regulates how much water your plant takes in, making sure it's just the right amount to help it thrive. The planter also has four built-in vents that bring enough air to the roots. Feel free to explore your horticultural side and plant anything from easy succulents like Aloe Vera and Burro’s Tail to harder ones like Zebra Plant and Moth Orchids.

Backers from anywhere in the world can support this project in various ways. When you contribute $69 or more, you’ll get a Pico Max, along with a multipurpose metal bracket, a power cable, and a Daisy Chain Cable that can connect all your Picos across a wall or table. Once you contribute, you'll be able to choose between coral, blue, and green models. There are also higher contribution tiers if you want more than one Pico Max.

The Pico Max is available to back on Kickstarter with a deadline of July 8. Shipments are estimated to start in October 2021.

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