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11 of the Best Soy Candles Under $30

Lauren Dana
Anecdote/Amazon / Anecdote/Amazon
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Candles are an easy way to elevate any living space: They come in a wide array of varieties to best suit your budget, style, and scent preferences. But before adding to your candle collection, consider purchasing a candle made with soy wax.

Unlike traditional paraffin wax, soy wax—which, as its name suggests, is derived from soybean oil—is eco-friendly and biodegradable. They also last longer since they have a slower burning time.

Keep scrolling for the best soy candles, all under $30.

1. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle; $8

SC Johnson/Amazon

Featuring a blend of soy and vegetable waxes—plus a combination of other plant-derived ingredients and essential oils—this 4.9-ounce candle from Mrs. Meyer’s offers a 25- to 35-hour burn time, making it well worth the $8 price tag. It also comes packaged in a minimalist (and reusable) glass jar. Choose from several refreshing scents, including Lemon Verbena, Honeysuckle, and Lavender.

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2. Fruity Cereal Candle; $25

Courtney McCarthy/Uncommon Goods

This nostalgia-inducing soy candle smells just like your favorite childhood cereal. Plus, its stunning rainbow-layered appearance adds a cheerful touch to any kitchen or living space. The handcrafted candle—which is also infused with cherry, lime, lemon, orange, and vanilla oils—offers an 80-plus-hour burn time.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

3. Anecdote Candles Adulting Candle; $24


This trendy candle company is best known for its playful packaging and whimsical flair. For example, the “Adulting” candle (pictured) has notes of fig, sandalwood, grapefruit, and lemon. It lasts up to 50 hours, and each hand-poured candle features a blend of coconut and soy waxes plus a blend of fragrance oils.

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4. Astrological Candle; $28

Sarah Larson/Uncommon Goods

These astrology-inspired soy candles come in 12 funky varieties—featuring a combination of botanicals, aromas, and colors—to best suit your zodiac sign. The handcrafted candles are carefully poured into a glass jar and offer a 78-hour burn time.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

5. Nika's Home Vanilla Bean Mason Soy Candle; $13

Nika's Home/Amazon

Few things are more comforting than the warm, inviting scent of vanilla bean—and this soy candle from Nika’s Home encapsulates just that. With a 4.5-star rating after more than 3000 Amazon reviews, this candle has become a fan favorite thanks to its affordable price point, pleasant aroma, cute Mason jar packaging, and 50- to 60-hour burn time.

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6. Funnel Cake Soy Candle; $28


Transport yourself back to the days of carnival rides and fried foods with this soy candle that smells like your favorite fair treat (think notes of cinnamon, fried dough, powdered sugar, and vanilla). It’s available in two sizes: six ounces ($15, 30-hour burn time) and 16 ounces ($28, 80-hour burn time). Once you’ve used up the candles, upcycle the glass jars to hold your favorite condiments, jams, jellies, or essential oils.

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7. P.F. Candle Co. Amber & Moss Standard Soy Candle; $21

P.F. Candle Co./Amazon

This soy candle from P.F. Candle Co. offers sage, moss, and lavender notes—all of which are derived from fragrance oils. Each 7.2-ounce soy candle burns from 40 to 50 hours. Plus, you can always reuse the sleek amber-hued jars (completed with just-as-stylish brass lids) to hold makeup brushes, writing utensils, and other accessories.

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8. Fresh Coffee Soy Wax Candle; $20


Calling all coffee lovers: This candle was crafted with you in mind. This beloved coffee-scented candle from Sweet Water Decor has garnered more than 8400 Etsy reviews and an overall rating of 4.9 stars. The hand-poured, nine-ounce candle features a soy-based wax blend, a 40-plus-hour burn time, and a delightful combination of fragrance oils.

Buy it: Etsy and Amazon

9. Frozen Yogurt Candle; $15

Amanda Chittenden/Uncommon Goods

Don’t be fooled by this delicious frozen yogurt “dessert.” To achieve a realistic look, the maker used a real ice cream scoop to perfectly position soy wax in the jar before topping it with eco-friendly glitter to give the appearance of actual ice crystals. While the coffee and grapefruit scents are both sold out, the lemon one (which “smells like irresistible citrusy pound cake,” according to the manufacturer) is still in stock. It has a 30- to 40-hour burn time.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

10. Lulu Candles Fresh Linen Scented Candle; $20

Lulu Candles/Amazon

If you prefer a mild, clean scent, opt for this nine-ounce soy candle from Lulu Candles, which has amassed more than 27,600 Amazon ratings. Its light linen scent, chic packaging, and wallet-friendly price make it an ideal addition to any space. You can also choose from 30-plus other hand-poured soy varieties, including Bamboo Rose, Sugared Pecans, and Ocean Breeze, to name a few.

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11. Mia’s Co. N08 Lavender Scented Candle; $19

Mia's Co./Etsy

This lavender-scented soy candle from Mia's Co. has an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars on Etsy. It offers a subtle, soothing, and sweet scent, and it features notes of bergamot, lavender, cedar, and lemon rinds for a complex, well-rounded profile. 

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