This Map Pinpoints How Much a Cup of Coffee Will Cost You Around the World

Pinkybird/iStock via Getty Images
Pinkybird/iStock via Getty Images / Pinkybird/iStock via Getty Images

No matter where in the world you travel, you likely won't have trouble finding a cup of coffee. The beverage is one of the most popular drinks on Earth. But while coffee is a fixture of many cultures, its price varies greatly depending on where you're drinking it. To see how much a cup of coffee with cost you around the world, check out the map below.

This map from the CashNetUSA blog SavingSpot examines the cost of having a coffee habit in dozens of countries around the globe. To come up with the numbers, SavingSpot chose five cafés from each country's capital city and calculated the average price of an espresso, latte, and cappuccino there based on data from Tripadvisor.

The South Korean city of Seoul is the most expensive place on Earth to be a coffee drinker, with an average cup there costing $7.77. In Tehran, the cheapest city for coffee, that amount could buy you coffee every day for more than two weeks. The average price of the beverage in the Iranian capital is $0.46. The U.S. lands near the middle of the price range, with a cup of coffee in Washington, D.C., selling for $3.77 on average.

Regardless of how much it costs, the citizens of many countries can't go without their java. Though they're far from where the beans are grown, the biggest coffee drinkers in the world live in Nordic countries like Finland, Norway, and Iceland. After looking at the map of international coffee prices below, you can find which countries drink the most coffee per capita here.