The 25 Countries That Drink the Most Coffee in the World

In Scandinavia, there's always time for a cup of coffee.
In Scandinavia, there's always time for a cup of coffee. / Chevanon Photography, Pexels

If you blow through half a pound of coffee by yourself every week, you’re on par with the average Finnish citizen. According to WorldAtlas, Finland consumes an average of 26.45 pounds of coffee per capita per year—more than any other country in the world. And since that “per capita” includes children and other caffeine-free folks, the actual amount for each coffee drinker is probably quite a bit more.

Though Finland is the undisputed champion, its Scandinavian neighbors guzzle bitter bean juice at high rates, too. Runner-up Norway averages nearly 22 pounds per capita, and Sweden sits in sixth place with a respectable 18 pounds. In general, Europe appears to be more caffeinated than any other continent; of all 25 countries on the list, only five (Canada, Brazil, Cyprus, Lebanon, and the United States) are located elsewhere. The United States just barely made it—our per capita consumption is 9.26 pounds per year, putting us in the 25th spot.

Considering how often Europeans pick up a cup of joe, it’s no surprise coffee has become an integral part of their culture in various ways. In Finland, for example, many labor unions mandate coffee breaks at work, and Norwegians are known to indulge in karsk, a potent mixture of coffee, sugar, and moonshine. Much like UK residents have traditional tea service—complete with scones, biscuits, and/or other pastries—people in Sweden and the Netherlands make a routine of coffee time. In Sweden, it’s called fika; in the Netherlands, it’s koffietijd.

See which other countries made the list below, and find out more about their coffee customs here.

  1. Finland // 26.45 pounds
  1. Norway // 21.82 pounds
  1. Iceland // 19.84 pounds
  1. Denmark // 19.18 pounds
  1. Netherlands // 18.52 pounds
  1. Sweden // 18 pounds
  1. Switzerland // 17.42 pounds
  1. Belgium // 15 pounds
  1. Luxembourg // 14.33 pounds
  1. Canada // 14.33 pounds
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina // 13.67 pounds
  1. Austria // 13.45 pounds
  1. Italy // 13 pounds
  1. Brazil // 12.79 pounds
  1. Slovenia // 12.79 pounds
  1. Germany // 12.13 pounds
  1. Greece // 11.9 pounds
  1. France // 11.9 pounds
  1. Croatia // 11.24 pounds
  1. Cyprus // 10.8 pounds
  1. Lebanon // 10.58 pounds
  1. Estonia // 9.92 pounds
  1. Spain // 9.92 pounds
  1. Portugal // 9.48 pounds
  1. United States // 9.26 pounds