Apple products don't go on sale often, but right now, if you're in the market for a pair of AirPods, you're in luck. Over on Amazon, you can get 31 percent off the wired Apple AirPods with charging case, 35 percent off the wireless AirPods, 28 percent off the AirPods Pro, and up to 11 percent off the AirPods Max. These are some of the lowest prices you'll see on these items outside of the holiday shopping season.

With the classic AirPods, you can listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and shows for up to five hours with just one charge. They even sense when you take them out of your ears and will pause what you were listening to so you don’t miss out on anything. And thanks to its Bluetooth functionality, you can connect to different devices, and the universal fit means anyone can use them. Right now, a wired pair will run you just $109 and save you 31 percent while a wireless set will be $129, which is 35 percent off the standard price.

You'll get some extra features with the AirPods Pro. The most notable is the active noise cancelation, which helps block out the world so you can be fully immersed in your tunes. The three different silicone tip sizes also help upgrade the fit to work best for you. This model has a 4.8-star rating and is available for just $179, down from the regular price of $249.

As the only over-ear headphone option from Apple, the AirPods Max is a step above the rest. With over 20 hours of listening time on one charge, these are made for the avid listener. Now you can enjoy this elevated audio experience for as low as $490 and save up to $59.

Head to Amazon to check out these discounts on the wired AirPodswireless AirPods, the Pro, and the Max. And if you're looking to stock up on other Apple accessories, save some money with these Amazon Basics alternatives.

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This article has been updated to reflect current prices.