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It’s Finally Time to Let Go of Gchat and Embrace Google Hangouts
Google Talk users will be forced to switch over to Google Hangouts by June 26.... READ ON
Aerospace Company Wants to Fight Hunger With Edible Drones
Honeycomb, vegetables, and salami are used to build the aircraft.... READ ON
9 Cases That Do More Than Protect Your iPhone
Expect more from your phone case.... READ ON
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To Compete With Siri, Samsung Will Launch a New Digital Assistant: Bixby
The new Samsung Galaxy S8—and Bixby—will officially debut on March 29.... READ ON
Netflix Is Getting Rid of Its Five-Star Ranking System
They're replacing it with a simplified thumbs up-thumbs down rating.... READ ON
This Smart Jacket Gives You a Back Rub When Someone Touches You
Designer Pauline van Dongen unveiled the smart garment at the 2017 SXSW conference.... READ ON
This Smart Wall Calendar Looks Like Paper and Acts Like an App
Owners can update their calendar at home no matter where they are.... READ ON
Online Dictionary Uses Simple Analogies to Decode Tech Jargon
Learn why internet cookies are like a barista with a good memory.... READ ON
German Lawmakers Want to Fine Social Media Sites for Ignoring Hate Speech
Sites like Facebook and Twitter could face $50 million fines.... READ ON
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A Basic Guide to Proper Email Etiquette
Skip these common courtesies, and you may appear unprofessional, sloppy, or just plain rude.... READ ON
Panasonic Adds a 'Curry' Button to Washing Machines in India
Not all appliances are created equal.... READ ON
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8 Online Dating Red Flags
Dating experts reveal eight signs you should run for the hills.... READ ON
Former Tesla Engineer Develops Exoskeleton to Help a Friend Move Again
When her former classmate was paralyzed in an accident, engineer Sam Huynh left her job to help him.... READ ON
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The FCC Rescinds Rules That Protect You From Hackers
A new rule was supposed to go into effect requiring Internet Service Providers to protect your data.... READ ON
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New Zealand Wants to Fly Tech-Savvy Job Seekers to Its Capital for Interviews
f you’re a tech-savvy American who dreams of living abroad, New Zealand wants to make your expat fantasies come true.... READ ON
Video Games
81-Year-Old Woman Develops Mobile Game Based on Japanese Holiday
It took her six months to learn how to code.... READ ON

The average piano has about 230 strings. Each string averages about 165 pounds of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling over eighteen tons.

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