Cut Down on Clutter With This Magnetized Workstation

LHiDS/Kickstarter / LHiDS/Kickstarter
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Desk clutter is one of those things that slowly creeps up on you. It starts with just a few extra papers and a spare phone charger, but it can soon expand to take up the entirety of your workspace. So if you're back in the office and looking to make a dent in your mess, you can consolidate your space with the LHiDS MagEasy Hybrid Workstation on Kickstarter.

The MagEasy features two products: the MagEasy Badge set and the MagEasy Board set. Both are designed to work together with magnets and a sleek design to cut down on clutter. For anyone with an ID badge, the MagEasy Badge set is made of faux leather and is customizable with add-ons like extra cardholders, lanyards, retractable reels, and a PHOLDER Mini. The PHOLDER is a kickstand that holds your phone at a 60-degree angle to let you use it hands-free.

Since the Badge has magnets, you can easily attach it to the MagEasy Board set when you sit at your desk. The MagEasy Board set is a desktop organizer built with a magnetic metal plate to give you more free space. Attach the MagTag holder to hook your keyring into place. Use the MagStand to have the Board prop up at an angle ranging from 30 degrees to 90 degrees. Create your perfect workspace with extra add-ons like the MagMirror, MagEasy Pencil Case, MagMemo Pad, and MagEasy Magnets.

Though MagEasy is already fully funded and has surpassed the $50,000 mark, you can still support this project at four different tiers. By pledging $35 or more, you’ll receive the MagEasy Badge, including the lanyard, PHOLDR Mini, and other add-ons. Pledging $39 or more gets you the MagBoard, MagTag, MagStand, and MagEasy paper holder. When you commit $59 or more, you’ll get the MagEasy Badge set and the MagBoard set. Finally, pledging $86 or more gets you the MagEasy Badge set, the MagBoard set, and the PHOLDR set. The brand expects these perks to ship out in October 2021 worldwide.

Check out the MagEasy Hybrid Workstation on Kickstarter now. And if you want to support other crowdfunded projects, be sure to look into this automated water dispenser for pets.

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