How to Clean Tough Stains With Vodka

shorrocks/iStock via Getty Images
shorrocks/iStock via Getty Images / shorrocks/iStock via Getty Images

Time is of the essence when dealing with tough stains. If you just spilled your drink on the couch, you can't afford to shop for stain-removers while the liquid dries. Instead, try a DIY cleaning method using what you already have at home. And one of the most effective stain-fighters in your house can be found in a surprising place: your liquor cabinet.

According to Hunker, vodka is effective at cleaning up fabric stains. After soaking up as much of the fresh spill as possible, dab it with a wash cloth soaked in the spirit. You can leave the damp rag over the stain for an additional minute or two before allowing the material to air-dry. This technique works on different fabrics, including carpets and upholstered furniture, and on a variety of stains, like food, ink, grass, and red wine.

Vodka's high alcohol content makes it a great alternative to commercial cleaners. Alcohol is a degreasing agent, and it can be used to clean glass, appliances, and surfaces in addition to fabrics. People who are sensitive to odors and added chemicals in cleaning sprays especially can benefit from the simple solution. Just be sure your vodka isn't flavored before you use it around the house, as the sugar could end up making messes worse. If you don't have any plain vodka at home, rubbing alcohol works just as well.

No matter how careful you are, staining at least some of your most beloved possessions is inevitable. Vodka is great for tackling the most common culprits, but some other stains are harder to remove. Blood, paint, and grease are all substances that could potentially cause disaster if they come in contact with your furniture. Here are the easiest ways to combat these stains and more.

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