Antoni Porowski From Queer Eye Wants To Help You Cook the Perfect Dinner

Mariner Books/Amazon
Mariner Books/Amazon / Mariner Books/Amazon
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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the Queer Eye fan in your life, or perhaps just searching for a way to add some variety to your evening meals? Antoni Porowski, the hit Netflix show’s resident food and wine expert, is here to help. Although Porowski already has a New York Times-bestseller in Antoni in the Kitchen, which highlights some of his favorite recipes, now he's added another great tome to the list: Antoni: Let's Do Dinner.

Porowski’s second cookbook, is an ode to dinner, which he referred to as the “most important meal of the day.” Fans of Porowski already know that he loves fresh produce and decadent flavors, and the book offers easy-to-follow ways to integrate both into healthy dishes. His charm coupled with his ability to infuse his enthusiasm into every recipe shines through in each meal he creates, making his latest book a great read.

Porowski’s philosophy is to eat simple, healthy meals during the week so that he can indulge on the weekend. Porowski’s dinners follow a similar pattern—Mondays and Tuesdays are plant-based, with meals building up over the course of the week in substance and decadence.

Novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike are sure to appreciate the variety of flavors Porowski has included in the book. With recipes ranging from pan-seared steak with Harissa butter to crispy potatoes and oozy egg and sausage sandwiches with melted cheese and giardiniera, there's something for everyone in this cookbook. Best of all, you can get it for just under $20, and it makes a great present for any Queer Eye lover, cookbook enthusiast, or diligent home cook in your life.

Get Antoni: Let's Do Dinner on Amazon here.

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