Can You Spot the Happy Elf in Santa's Hectic Workshop?

FreshSplash/iStock via Getty Images
FreshSplash/iStock via Getty Images / FreshSplash/iStock via Getty Images

If the holidays have you feeling anything but cheery, you're not alone. The stress of traveling, shopping, and cooking for guests has many people relating to Scrooge this time of year. As the Christmas-themed brainteaser below demonstrates, even Santa's helpers are vulnerable to stress.


MIST designed this hidden image puzzle in celebration of the holiday season. It shows Santa Claus's workshop filled with elves, most of whom are hustling to get presents ready for Christmas Eve. Only one elf in the scene hasn't let the pressure get to him. Instead of stressing out, he's whistling a happy tune while he works. See if you can find him in the picture above.

According to MIST, the record for solving the puzzle is 1 minute. If you can't beat that time, give yourself at least a few minutes to check the face of every elf in the illustration. When you give up, you can check the answer in the image below.

Puzzles can be a fun way to distract yourself from all the things you should be doing in preparation for the holidays. If you want to apply your brain power to something other than holiday planning, trying searching for the snowman in the snowflakes and the Rudolph in the field of reindeer.