Fill Your Home With the Smell of Chicken Noodle Soup With Campbell’s New Scented Candles

Campbell's / Campbell's

The scent of chicken soup simmering on the stovetop is the smell of winter to many people. You no longer need to open a can of Campbell's to relive this nostalgic experience. As Simplemost reports, filling your home with that comforting aroma is now as easy as lighting a candle.

Campbell's is capitalizing on its cozy reputation by dabbling in fragrance products. The new scented candles, a collaboration with CAMP, are inspired by two of Campbell's most popular canned goods.

If chicken soup was your meal of choice on snow days, you can try the company's Chicken Noodle Soup candle. The wax is infused with the soul-warming scents of chicken, crackers, and cloves.

Add some comforting, warming scents to your home this winter.
Add some comforting, warming scents to your home this winter. / Campbell’s

People who prefer to get toasty with tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich may prefer the second candle in the line. The notes of peppercorn, cheese, and roasted tomato in this candle recreate the scent of the classic childhood meal.

The new candles offer all the the warm-and-fuzzy feelings of a bowl of soup without the actual soup. The candle holders even resemble Campbell's soup cans, right down to the iconic red and white branding. The Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese candles have both sold out after going on sale on CAMP's website. To receive updates on possible restocks, you can click the "Join the List to Stay Up to Date" button on the product page.

[h/t Simplemost]