Indulge Your Sweet Tooth This Valentine’s Day With a Box of David’s Cookies—and Save With This Discount Code

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David’s Cookies/Ponomariova_Maria/iStock/Getty Images Plus / David’s Cookies/Ponomariova_Maria/iStock/Getty Images Plus
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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and instead of getting just yet another bouquet of flowers, consider something sweeter that’ll hopefully last a bit longer. David’s Cookies has been delivering confections worldwide ever since 1979, and with the brand’s latest Valentine’s Day sale, you can stock up on their new holiday treats and save a little extra in the process.

Now through Wednesday, February 16, you can enjoy 15 percent off your purchase of Valentine’s Day goodies when you use the code "XOSALE15" at checkout. This collection of romantically themed treats features gift boxes, buckets, and tins of cookies, brownies, and even cheesecakes.

David’s Cookies

For example, you can grab a Valentine’s Day assorted cookie tin starting at $33, a two-pound tin of Decadent Jumbo cookies ($40), or a tin of 54 freshly baked mini cookies ($40). There’s even a 10-inch, four-pound chocolate chip deep dish cookie cake filled with chocolate chunks, chips, and ganache that can feed 14 people for $43.

Besides cookies, this treat company also makes delicious brownies that are perfect for gifting to loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Available for $42, the chocolate-covered brownie bite gift box features 16 mini, rectangular brownies topped with yummy crunches like hazelnut and coconut. Combine your love of these cookies and brownies with the new Happy Valentine’s Day tin for $33, which contains six red velvet cookies and six chocolate-covered brownie bites adorned with romantic heart-shaped sprinkles and crystals. The brand also has three flavors of 10-inch cheesecakes—triple chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate caramel pecan—for $55 each.

Head over to David’s Cookies to check out all the brand has to offer this Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to use the code "XOSALE15" at checkout for 15 percent off.

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