Watch 100 Years of Men’s Hair Trends in One Minute


It’s Movember which means that for the next month, we’ll all be just a little more aware of the facial hair around (or on) us than usual.

In the spirit of the season and to support the cause, the folks at Cut Video released a new installment of their "100 Years of Beauty" series focusing on the grooming styles of American men during the last century.

The model, Samuel Orson, starts the process with shoulder length hair and a full beard before many hands set to work on his mane. They craft looks to honor every decade, from the slicked-down middle part of the 1920s to the shaggy '60s. It’s fascinating to see how much Orson transforms through hair styling alone, and it’s amazing to consider a future in which the man bun (shown here at the end) will seem very antiquated indeed.

[h/t Mic]