American Girl Debuts a Diabetic Care Kit for Dolls

American Girl Doll/Twitter
American Girl Doll/Twitter / American Girl Doll/Twitter

by Becca Stanek

For years, parents have been able to buy their children virtually any accessory imaginable for their American Girl dolls—except, that is, for a diabetic care kit. But after years of parents writing letters and a petition created by then-11-year-old Anja Busse in January 2014, the Mattel subsidiary known for making dolls that look like you since 1986 is finally making a dream come true for kids with diabetes: As of January 1, the company will begin selling a diabetic care kit accessory, both online and in stores.

The kit comes complete with an insulin pump, glucose meter, insulin pen, glucose tablets, medical alert bracelet, insulin pump skin stickers, and a log book, Daily Mail reports.

"I have two American Girl dolls, but there's now diabetic supplies so they look just like me," Busse said in a video posted to "I want my doll to be just like me."

The diabetes care kit will join an array of other specialized accessories for the dolls, including miniature iPhones, iPads, wheelchairs, scooters, helmets, hearing aids, and—soon—doll crutches.


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