Watch This Video of a Lightning Storm Shot from the ISS


This week, British astronaut Tim Peake shared a breathtaking video of the earth filmed through a window of the International Space Station. The brief clip shows bursts of lightning flashing over the planet as the satellite zooms over North Africa and Turkey towards Russia.

In a separate video he posted to Instagram the next day, Peake notes how the green halo of the aurora borealis highlights how thin our atmosphere really is.

Peake began his mission aboard the International Space Station this past December, and has since posted plenty of videos that show him playing water ping pong, making coffee, and watching the sunrise from space. He’s scheduled to make his return to Earth this June, just a few months after his ISS companions Scott Kelly and Mikhail Korniyenko conclude their record-breaking mission.

Banner image courtesy of Tim Peake via Instagram.

[h/t Popular Science]