This Smart Go-Kart Lets Kids Speed While Parents Stay in Control

Actev Motors
Actev Motors / Actev Motors

The Arrow Smart-Kart is a high tech go-kart designed to satisfy every kid's need for speed—and every parent's desire for safety. Created by Actev Motors, the vehicle is like an updated version of the classic Power Wheels car for children. While the Arrow can go up to 12mph, it also comes with a variety of safety features to satisfy worried parents.

According to WIRED, the Arrow features built-in collision avoidance sensors that automatically keep kids from crashing. It also connects to a smartphone app, which allows parents to set maximum speed levels, control emergency brakes, and even control how far their child can drive. While the Arrow is designed to be used with some form of adult supervision, parents can set distance parameters that automatically stop their kid’s car if it gets too far away. As Digital Trends notes, Actev Motors is essentially borrowing the latest safety features from adult-sized cars, and adapting them for their children’s play vehicle.

But the car also comes with plenty of features that will appeal to thrill-seeking kids. For instance, Driver Profiles allow children to keep track of driving stats, and one optional add-on even enables drivers to drift Fast and Furious-style.

“I don’t want to slam Power Wheels, but by the time a kid gets to five-years-old, they’re pretty much bored with them,” Actev CEO Dave Bell told WIRED. “There’s really no where for them to graduate to. When they’re done with the Power Wheels, they really have to wait until nine-years-old to get into other kinds of motorized driving vehicles.”

Actev is currently taking pre-orders for the Arrow, which will begin shipping in June. The basic version of the Smart-Kart will cost $600, and a range of add-ons are also available. You can watch the toy in action below.

[h/t WIRED]