Central Ohio Residents Can Now Order a Chicken-And-Pancake Sandwich at McDonald's


Many fast food chains have “secret” menus—including McDonald’s, which reportedly serves savvy customers Pie McFlurrys, a “Monster Mac” with eight beef patties inside, and a host of other offbeat, under-the-radar treats. Now, Time writes that one of these delectable choices, a pancake-and-chicken sandwich called the "Chicken McGriddle," is being tested at 11 McDonald’s locations in central Ohio. If it’s popular with customers, it could eventually land on the fast food behemoth’s all-day breakfast menu.

According to Columbus Business First, the Chicken McGriddle is a fried chicken patty stuffed between the maple syrup-infused pancake buns (which also used in the chain's other McGriddle breakfast sandwiches). Brian Mortellaro, a man who owns eight McDonald’s restaurants in Ohio, is responsible for pitching the creation to the franchise’s corporate officials along with a small group of taste testers.

“Filet-o-fish, Big Mac—both of those started with owner-operators,” Mortellaro told Columbus Business First. “We took this idea up the chain and they’re letting us try it out.”

The Chicken McGriddle, which Mortellaro describes has having a “chicken-and-waffles taste," will be sold at two price points: $1.49 and $2. If customers like it and say they would purchase it again, the sandwich might be tested at more McDonald’s locations in Ohio next year. For now, it’s only available until March 27, 2016.

CNBC reports that all future rollouts of the sandwich will be limited to central Ohio until further notice. So if you live outside the Buckeye State, you’ll have to settle for ordering the Chicken McGriddle off the secret menu unless it someday goes national.

Hungry to learn more? Check out the above video, courtesy of Indianapolis's WISH-TV.

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[h/t Time]