Celebrate Japan's Cat Day with These 7 Japanese Instagram Cats

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Today is Neko no Hi in Japan (meaning "Cat Day"), but even though this is their version of a Hallmark holiday, it means more than just cuddling kitties and posting filtered photos of them lounging in the sun (though we're sure there's plenty of that happening). In 1987, the Executive Cat Day Committee (as advised by the Japan Pet Food Association) launched the new holiday, a day meant to honor their beloved pets, pray for their longevity, and celebrate a "model cat" who once traveled hundreds of miles to reunite with its owner. At the time, the AP reported that February 22 was chosen by the committee because "the date 2-22 in Japanese is pronounced 'ni-ni-ni,' approximating the 'nyan-nyan-nyan' that is the Japanese equivalent of 'meow-meow-meow.'"

In celebration of a country which reveres its cats enough to give them their own islandcat-camera street views, their own themed trains, and to give us Hello Kitty, here are seven social media accounts of Japan's favorite furballs to follow.


This account features arty shots of three different cats, P-chan (a black cat), Nya-san (a brown one), and Tina (a striped cat).


Tokyo's Bebe is an incredibly fluffy 4-year-old Persian feline with impressive anime eyes.


If you crave kitty consistency, this Russian Blue named Cocomo and a mix named Sol are fairly regular with their goodnight and good morning greetings. And, they're easily recognizable because of Sol's slightly cross-eyed gaze.


This is a cat who appreciates a quick nap and a good neck pillow.


This account has plenty of videos of Bucho and Moja playing, lounging, and occasionally being compared to various cultural icons.

6. MSY1515

Documenting three curious cats named Shirasu, Hotate, and Clam, this Instagramer uses action shots and creative angles to show the furry friends at play.


Called the Japanese "Grumpy Cat," 9-year-old Koyuki also always wears a sour expression on her sweet face, but her owner promises that "she is not upset."