Zootopia Has Different News Anchors for Different Countries

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Thanks to Hollywood's ubiquitous array of television series and movies, American culture is fairly well understood in almost every corner of the world. But when marketing an American movie overseas, some filmmakers opt to make a few subtle changes in order to bridge the cultural gaps. Disney is particularly fond of this strategy, as audiences have seen before with Inside Out and are witnessing once again with Zootopia (which, perhaps as evidence of the studio's willingness to make changes, is known as Zootropolis in some other countries).

Zootopia takes place in a world where anthropomorphic animals live together in urban harmony. The movie's fictional news channel ZNN shows two newscasters: A snow leopard and a moose—or at least it's a moose if you live in the United States, Canada, or France. According to Twitter user @RyshatsCorner, that moose turns into a tanuki if you live in Japan; Australia and New Zealand get a koala; China gets a panda bear; in Brazil, it's a jaguar; while U.K. audiences see a Welsh corgi. You can check out Brazil's jaguar, but Zootopia hasn't opened in the United Kingdom yet, so the corgi is still a mystery. 

As the animal changes, so too does the voice actor. Canadian CBC chief news anchor Peter Mansbridge voices the moose, while Australian singer David Campbell plays the koala, and journalist Ricardo Boechat is the jaguar. 

While this fun nod to other countries has been mostly well received, some New Zealanders are a little upset to be lumped in with Australia's koala.

[h/t Independent]