Elevate Your Selfie Game With This A.I. Camera Drone


The propellers that allow drones to reach some pretty spectacular places also make them dangerous to use indoors. As reported by Fast Company, this newly unveiled drone from startup Zero Zero Robotics is protected by a carbon-fiber shell, allowing owners to fly it safely in their homes.

Drones can serve many purposes, but Hover Camera was designed to take next-level selfies. The drone stays hovering in midair wherever you leave it, and its position can be fine-tuned using a connected companion app on your smartphone.

It also uses advanced A.I. software to snap the photos more intuitively. The device keeps itself impressively level while employing face and body recognition technology to focus on a subject and follow them when they move. In addition to capturing photos, Hover Camera can also be used to record 4K video.

The team behind the new drone had to come up with many new innovations to create a compact product that would be safe to use indoors (enough for them to file 16 patents). The device weighs a little over half a pound, more than 10 grams below the FAA's 250-gram threshold for registered drones. The mesh cage encasing the rotors disrupts its air flow, so the propellers have been programmed to rotate at faster speeds to compensate.

Zero Zero Robotics is currently looking for more people to test some of the 2000 drones they already have built, after which they will have more footage to demonstrate their product. You can watch a brief example of the technology in the video above, and expect it to become available for purchase from Hover Camera's website this summer.

Header/banner images courtesy of Hover Camera.

[h/t Fast Company]