How To Transform Delicious In-N-Out Burgers Into Crazy Delicious Egg Rolls


Over the past 67 years, In-N-Out Burger has given its customers on the West Coast (and in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas) a lot to be grateful for with its iconic standard and so-called secret menus, but there is one item that you won't find on any menu at any location, because chef Josh Elkin just invented it.

According to, Elkin teamed up with Foodbeast to blur food genre lines, turning In-N-Out burgers and fries into crispy, golden-brown egg rolls. The process has been documented in a video (above) so all curious fast food fans can give the fusion food experiment a try at home. It's actually pretty simple to follow: first, Elkin chops the burgers into pieces (pickles and all), then washes spring roll wrappers with egg before filling them with the chopped ingredients and fries (because of course). The meal-in-progress is then rolled up and dropped into oil to deep fry before being served up with In-N-Out's special sauce on the side.

These In-N-Out Burger egg rolls are tame compared to some of the other things that people have deep fried. They're also not the weirdest thing that has been done to a burger (burger sushi, anyone?), though with ingredients like these, we don't see how this could have been any but a culinary success.

[h/t Eater]

Banner image via YouTube.