Watch This Stunning Timelapse of Grand Teton National Park


Filmmakers Will and Jim Pattiz want to share their love of America’s national parks with the world. They’ve started a video series called "More Than Just Parks" and plan to produce a short film about each of the nearly 60 national parks in the United States. So far, they’ve made eight films, showcasing the natural wonders on display at a range of parks, including Redwood in California, Zion in Utah, and Acadia in Maine. Their latest film explores the mountains, forests, and rivers of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

To make their Grand Teton timelapse, the brothers spent almost a month hiking through the park collecting footage. Their video features the park’s most stunning landscapes: There are sparkling glacial lakes, breathtaking sunsets, and mountains disappearing into clouds, as well as a few cameos from the park’s animal inhabitants. Check out their grand tribute to Grand Teton National Park above.

Banner Image: More Than Just Parks, Vimeo

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