10 Delicious Food Mashups You Have to Try

Arlan Arthur via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain 
Arlan Arthur via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain  / Arlan Arthur via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain 

What’s better than your favorite foods? Combining your favorite foods to make new foods, of course! Here are a few delicious culinary mashups that will make your mouth water.


When you can’t decide whether to have cookies, cake, or pie for dessert, you can whip up all three in one pan! Hayley Parker at The Domestic Rebel calls it a Capookie. It’s a pie crust with a layer of cookie dough in it, covered with fudge cake batter, and topped with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. She even posted complete instructions for making it. Parker calls it the dessert equivalent of the turducken.


Liz Abersold via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

It’s bad enough not being able to decide whether to serve a cake or a pie, but which kind of cake or pie? Charles Phoenix developed a mashup that makes that decision much easier. His Cherpumple was unveiled in 2009, and it consists of three pies (cherry, pumpkin, and apple, hence the name) each baked into a layer of cake (yellow, white, and spice) which are then stacked together with lots of cream cheese frosting. Bookmark this for later: Phoenix’s recipe for holiday Cherpumple is on his website. There’s also a Fourth of July version called a Cherbluble, in which the pumpkin pie is replaced by a blueberry pie, and all the cake layers are white.


One of the new stadium treats offered by the Atlanta Braves is the Burgerizza. As you might guess, it’s a combination of a hamburger and a pizza. Yes, it’s two pizzas with a big burger patty and cheese between them. The picture above is just one slice of the full Burgerizza, which sells for $26. Can't make it to Atlanta? The Washington Post has a handy how-to for making your own Burgerizza here.


Hayley Parker at the website The Domestic Rebel made a pie out of glazed doughnut holes. That sounds like it might be simply a matter of putting doughnut holes in a pie crust, but there’s more to the recipe, like butter, brown sugar, and milk, which all combine to make a deliciously sweet and decadent mashup dessert.


Kyle Marcoux, also known as the Vulgar Chef, created a North American fusion dish that’s not quite Mexican and not quite Canadian, but should appeal to the USA. The Poutine Taco uses a tortilla shell made of French fries held together with cheese as a bowl (of sorts) for the cheese curds and gravy of poutine. (Be aware that the post and the video instructions contain NSFW language.) Marcoux has a list of other taco mashups in the same post.


Taco Bell has been cranking out mashups for years, but the fast food chain has nothing on Nick Chapman's Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco. First, you do away with the tortilla shell and instead use a wrap made of bacon strips woven together. You make a taco with one, and then stuff it into another bacon shell filled with macaroni and cheese. There’s everything you love to eat stuffed into one hand. Chapman's bacon taco mashups don't end there: Here's his recipe for a Bacon Weave Choco Taco, a dessert taco consisting of a bacon weave shell with vanilla ice cream, fudge, chocolate, and peanuts.


Hannah Hossack-Lodge combined a French pastry with an American campfire treat—not bad for a British baker! Her fresh-baked éclairs are topped with toasted marshmallows and crushed graham crackers, which are attached to the éclair with melted chocolate. You’ll find the complete recipe at Domestic Gothess.


Arlan Arthur via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Supposedly named after R&B icon Luther Vandross, the Luther Burger is made up of a glazed doughnut—preferably a Krispy Kreme—sliced in half and used as a bun for a bacon cheeseburger. Local legend says Mulligan's, a bar in Decatur, Georgia, started selling the Luther Burger in 2005, although it was apparently predated by the similar Fat Kreme, which debuted in 2003. The burger became so popular that the Gateway Grizzlies sold it as a ballpark treat starting in 2006 under a new name: Baseball's Best Burger. You can find a recipe to make your own burger here.


Amy Erickson set out to ruin your childhood by incorporating tequila into cherry Pop Tarts. You mix tequila and lemon juice into pancake batter, coat your Pop Tarts, and deep-fry them. Next, glaze them with an icing made of powdered sugar, tequila, and lemon juice. The complete instructions are at Oh, Bite It!


Kyle Marcoux of The Vulgar Chef, who specializes in extreme food mashups, adapted a recipe from his friend Josh Schereherjeh to create a combination of macaroni and cheese and Cheetos. He cut up ready-made frozen macaroni and cheese into strips, coated them with flour, egg wash, and crushed Cheetos, and then fried them. You can find out how to make them here. Less than a year later, Burger King began offering an identical dish called Mac N' Cheetos, and Marcoux is not happy about it.