14 Prickly Succulent- and Cactus-Themed Products

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Cacti and succulents are having a moment. You can find almost anything you want adorned with the prickly plants; here's just a small sampling.


Using this egg separator is easy: Simply remove the cactus from its planter and squeeze to suck up the egg yolk without breaking it.

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Keep your desk adorably organized with this cork cactus. Everything from rings to photos can be speared in place with a pin, and under the cork there's a space for small objects like paper clips, coins, or erasers.

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Having plants around

reduces stress. So does coloring intricate patterns. This 24-page coloring book, which combines the two, might be the ultimate de-stressing experience.

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4. ERASERS; $11

Pencil erasers never last long, so if you’re an artist or a crossword addict, make sure you're prepared by investing in this set. The colorful cacti, their flowers, and their pots can be mixed and matched.

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5. CANDLES; $8

At first glance, these candles look like real plants. Each set of six tea lights contains three different styles.

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6. USB PORT; $9

In a car, there’s usually only one USB port for charging your phone, which can lead to heated disputes about who gets to plug in. Keep most passengers happy with this cactus-shaped splitter that provides three USB ports for charging. Once plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, it glows orange so you can find the outlets, even in the dark.

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What at first appears to be a piece of plastic cactus art is actually four mugs in disguise. When entertaining, hosts can pluck the mugs from the stack and fill them with a warm beverage. Each mug has its own “arm” that doubles as a handle.

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8. OVEN MITT; $12

Cacti thrive in hot climates, so let them help you take hot food out of the oven. When you’re not using this cotton mitt, stand it upright to give the illusion of a real cactus plant in your kitchen.

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Give any room some desert-themed ambience with these cacti-encased LEDs, which come on a 7-foot silver wire.

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This kit provides you with a paper cactus, tray, and terraforming solution so you can grow your own microcrystal cactus right at your desk.

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11. SOCKS; $10

These amazing women's crew socks, which feature colorful echeveria succulents, come in black or purple.

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12. PHONE CASE; $9

Keep your phone covered with this cute transparent case, which is adorned with watercolor illustrations of colorful cacti.

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13. PENS; $8

Jot down all your most important thoughts with these impossibly adorable pens. The set of 12 comes in tan, yellow, and green, and all write in black ink.

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Cacti are pretty low maintenance plants, but if you worry that the occasional watering might be too much of a commitment, you can always go for the next best thing. These wonderful paper recreations look like cartoon plants come to life. For $35, you can get one paint-dipped terracotta pot with at least four paper cacti inside. The bunch includes one flowering, one spiked, and one narrow variation; all you need to do is pick your favorite paint color and the seller—senior editor Abbey Stone's sister, Taylor—takes it from there.

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