Watch These Sisters Create Awesome Spontaneous Pop Songs in ASL


Back in the olden days, my parents gave me and my sister a tape recorder, and for the next couple of years all we did was record ourselves making up commercials, talk shows, and pop songs on that thing. There's something about getting a couple of little sisters in front of a recorder that brings out the best creative performances. And it happens no matter the language.

We've been a fan of Shaylee's American Sign Language performances of Christmas stories for a few years now. She also recently appeared with her family in a Disney commercial. But this video of Shaylee just sitting on the bed making up songs with her little sister Ivy shows the joyful, spontaneous side of language play that anyone with little girls will recognize. Even though it's in a signed language, it's instantly recognizable as music. The rhythm, the lyrical repetition, and the message, which ranges from the inspirational ("Shine like a star"), to the political ("Ya know the world is shaking"), to the personal ("I love my sister forever"), to the situational ("This is exhausting. Just go to sleep") makes it a perfect bedtime pop riff.

You can see more of Shaylee and Ivy and learn some ASL from them at ASL Nook.