Watch This Groovy 1960s Tupperware™ Documentary/Infomercial

YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage
YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage / YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage

In The Wonderful World Of Tupperware™ Plastics, we learn the benefits of Tupperware™, "made from polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene—relative newcomers to the wonderful world of imagination and industry." This is precisely what that guy in The Graduate was referring to when he told Benjamin Braddock, "Just one word: PLASTICS."

From Earl Tupper's novel plastics to Brownie Wise's "Tupperware™ Party" innovation, this is an impressive half-hour how-it's-made. It actually goes deep into the details of how oil byproducts are turned into plastics, and how the manufacturing process works. There's also a notable segment about how IBM punch-card computers help with inventory management "at lightning speed." It really kicks into gear with a series of corny musical numbers celebrating Tupperware™, featuring Anita Bryant and Johnny Desmond.


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