Watch Computer Pros Get Excited About Windows 1995

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In this classic episode of Computer Chronicles, host Stewart Cheifet explores the newly-released Windows 95. He invites Microsoft representatives to walk through new features and show off the groundbreaking operating system. We also get to see some clips of Jay Leno and Bill Gates launching the thing, a detailed discussion of how many megabytes are truly required to run Windows 95, plus lots more mid-90s nostalgia.

I remember the launch of Windows 95, and what a big deal it was for PC users at the time. Looking back on it, this is a valuable historical document. This was a time when "Should I upgrade to Windows 95?" was actually a reasonable question for folks using DOS or Windows 3.1.

Look at that fancy new "Start" button! Those were the days:

My favorite part is the sales pitch around 4:45 trying to sell Windows Plus by showing an awfully ugly desktop customization, and a "pretty good" pinball game. A close second is Jay Leno just past 7:00 making Bill Clinton health care jokes.