Watch the Shockwave Caused by This Hammer Breaking a Mirror in Slow Motion

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The speed, movement, and chaos of everyday events are sometimes impossible to appreciate with the naked eye. It's only when we're allowed to slow everything down and observe actions step-by-step that we really get an understanding of the physics of the world around us. The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel is dedicated to doing exactly that. By performing basic experiments and slowing them down to observe every micro movement, they aim to unveil the hidden physics behind our daily lives.

In the video below, the guys take a hammer to a mirror to see all the minute details behind shattering glass. At normal speed, all you get is a lot of crashing and banging, but when filmed at 120,000 frames per second, you get a chance to see the violent beauty of such a simple act.

The most surprising moment is the shockwave the hammer sends through the glass right when it hits. The guys even liken it to a similar moment in The Matrix, albeit on a much smaller budget. Check it out:

[h/t The Daily Dot]

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