How to Get Your Hands on an NES Classic This Tuesday

Nintendo / iStock
Nintendo / iStock / Nintendo / iStock
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If someone on your gift list asked for the elusive NES Classic this year, today may be your last chance to buy it. Thrillist reports that Best Buy is putting its limited inventory of the nostalgia vehicle on sale today.

Earlier this month the electronics chain announced they’d be holding a flash sale of the console on December 20. More recently they laid out the details in a blog post for how to get your hands on one when you arrive: Customers who show up to one of the 1000 participating stores Tuesday morning will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis. The store is implementing a Black Friday-style ticketing system, with one ticket handed out for every NES they have available. There’s a limit of one purchase per person, so bring your friends if they’re looking to get in on the sale, too.

Since the NES Classic went on sale in November, it has vanished from the shelves of many major retailers. Even Amazon’s supply has been exhausted. Fortunately, it’s not the only miniature console out there that packs a ton of classic titles from your childhood. The crowdfunded RetroEngine Sigma is similar in size to the NES Classic and is capable of holding thousands of retro games.

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