This Tiny PC Runs Windows 10, Costs Less Than $250, and Fits in Your Pocket

Ockel/YouTube / Ockel/YouTube

Nearly everybody is packing quite a bit of processing power on their smartphone or tablet, but there's a new piece of tech that's smaller and even more powerful than anything you can get at the phone store. The Ockel Sirius B pocket PC is as powerful as a desktop computer, but it's so small that you can carry it along with you while you work, study, or travel.

The simple design hides a powerful device, one that can run Windows 10 and includes 2GB of RAM, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to connect to other hardware via Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect the Sirius B into an HDMI screen and you can start your work (or games) as you would on a normal PC. The device's Indiegogo page makes it clear that anything you can put on a PC you can install on the Sirius, like Netflix, Twitter, and gaming apps.

The Sirius also touts two USB ports, a Micro SD-card slot, and a 3.5mm audio and microphone jack. In addition to running on Windows 10, there is also a cheaper option to get a Sirius with no pre-installed operating system so that you can have the choice to install the OS you want to use.

The Sirius B with Windows 10 already installed goes for $249, while the model with no OS costs $225. There's also the more recent Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry, with 4GB of RAM for $349.