Double Dragon IV Is Coming to PS4 and Steam on January 30

Arc System Works/YouTube
Arc System Works/YouTube / Arc System Works/YouTube

If 2016 didn't fill your need for retro gaming with the release of the NES Classic Edition, 2017 could do the trick with the return of a beloved old school franchise: Double Dragon. To celebrate the franchise's 30th anniversary, Arc System Works—which bought the rights to the series in 2015—is set to release Double Dragon IV on January 30 on both PlayStation 4 and Steam, The Verge reports.

Unlike modern revivals of older franchises—like the recent Tomb Raider and Doom reboots—Double Dragon IV is sticking to its retro graphics and low-fi gameplay roots. Billy and Jimmy are yet again pixelated crime fighters forced to go through stage after stage of enemies, just like they were back in 1987. Arc System Works even hired the producer, director, character designer, and composer of the original Double Dragon to return for IV.

The last time Double Dragon had a numbered sequel in the beat-'em-up genre was 1990's Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone. After that was Super Double Dragon in 1992 and Double Dragon V in 1994, which was actually an ill-conceived Street Fighter II clone. Outside of a return to the franchise's roots and the fact that it will have a two-player duel mode, not much is known about Double Dragon IV. But with a release date looming, expect Arc System Works to unveil more in the coming weeks.

[h/t: The Verge]