Domino's Debuts a "Wipeable" Onesie to Protect Your Clothes From Pizza Stains

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Domino's knows you love your pizza. They also know that you enjoy your pizza with all of the grace and dignity of a barnyard animal. Luckily, according to Adweek, the pizza giant has a solution for customers in the UK: an adult onesie with a stain-proof velveteen fabric that the company is calling "the world's first 'wipeable' onesie." So no longer does a slice of pizza falling cheese-down on your lap mean the end of that new pair of pants you just bought.

For £25 (about $30), customers can head to Domino's shops and pick up one of these decorative onesies to sport while scarfing down pie after pie through the new year. The company knows the holiday is its busiest day, predicting up to 2.6 million slices will be consumed before midnight on New Year's Eve. While the idea of wearing a glorified smock to eat pizza might seem a bit undignified, research shows that 73 percent of the British population changes into their pajamas the moment they get home each evening anyway, so this is really a match made in cheese-covered heaven.

The prototype for the onesie was created by fashion designer Charlotte Denn in just about 13 hours. The blue and pepperoni onesie also comes with extra large pockets on the legs to store drinks and any other necessities to help you get through pizza night. Domino's isn't just putting this onesie out to keep adults free of pizza sauce; for every outfit sold, the company will match it with a donation to charities like the Teenage Cancer Trust.

[h/t: Adweek]