Fisher-Price Wants to Give Tablet-Obsessed Kids a Workout With Their New “Toy” Exercise Bike

Fisher-Price / Fisher-Price

As more and more kids grow up with technology so readily available (and addictive), the risk of obesity is an ongoing concern. With eyes locked on screens most of the day, it's easy for a child to spend too much time on a couch and not enough time exercising. That's why the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle is not only a seemingly perfect solution—it's also a sign of the times.

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is basically an exercise bike designed to hold a tablet or smartphone in place while a child pedals and pedals, controlling educational apps as they burn calories. So far, Fisher-Price has at least four apps prepped for the fall 2017 launch of the product, focusing on literacy, STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), and social studies, according to Digital Trends. All of the apps are played depending on the speed of the child's pedaling, so there is a "game" element to each one. More apps will be released for the bike in 2018.

The app's dashboard allows parents to monitor their child's progress; the apps will also work on televisions through Bluetooth connectivity. The Think & Learn Smart Cycle will retail for $150, and the apps will sell for $5 when the product launches in the fall.

[h/t Digital Trends]