Is Ben & Jerry's Making a New Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream?

Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's / Ben & Jerry's

Is there any better pairing than Ben & Jerry's and alcohol? Nearly two years after the beloved ice cream company announced a partnership with New Belgium to make ice cream-themed beer, they've returned with another boozy surprise: bourbon-flavored ice cream.

While it's not exactly official yet, there are some convincing rumors swirling that a flavor called Urban Bourbon will be hitting the shelves soon. Candy Hunting has already released an image of the supposed packaging, and we're certainly clutching our spoons in anticipation. The new flavor is said to feature some pretty appetizing ingredients: burnt caramel ice cream (yes) with almonds (ohh), fudge flakes (ahh), and bourbon caramel swirls (OK, we're sold). If you're not convinced this flavor is the real deal, Thrillist points out that there's a landing page for Urban Bourbon on Walmart's website, although it doesn't lead anywhere—yet.

If so, this would be the latest in a series of bourbon-centric flavors in the Ben & Jerry's ice cream-verse. Bourbon Pecan Pie has been a longtime favorite, and a new flavor called Bourbon Brown Butter—bourbon brown butter ice cream with dark chocolate whiskey cordial cups and a bourbon brown butter swirl—has debuted at some scoop shops. As far as non-bourbon boozy flavors, there's the oft-missed flavors White Russian, Dublin Mudslide, and Vermonty Python that all featured liqueurs.

If and when this flavor arrives, we'll be ready with bowls in hand.

[h/t Thrillist]