The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book Is Just as Quirky as You'd Expect

Belly Kids
Belly Kids / Belly Kids

Few celebrities have become internet cult heroes the way Jeff Goldblum has. He's come in the form of countless memes, YouTube mashups, and a very odd prayer candle over on Etsy. Now Goldblum's brand of neurotic charm is being turned into its own activity book.

UK publisher Belly Kids is responsible for this dream product, aptly titled Do I Hate Being Right All the Time: The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book. Coming in at £7.00 (about $8.43), the book is 32 pages of stammering fun, complete with games, mazes, puzzles, and more, spanning the highlights of Goldblum's career. There's a page urging you to draw a Goldblum emoji, a look-and-find puzzle set in Jurassic Park (1993), and a cut-out of The Fly (1986).

Belly Kids isn't shy about its love for the actor, as the book's description reads, "First crush, only love, most charming man on screen. To say Jeff Goldblum is the one great thing in this world would be a mass under statement." 

If Goldblum isn't for you, Belly Kids has plenty more items to satisfy your obscure soul, like a Bill Murray coloring book (called Thrill Murray), a David Attenborough quote book, an illustrated collection of classic eating scenes from movie history, and a book collecting various illustrations of Milhouse from The Simpsons.

But let's be honest, Jeff Goldblum is for everybody, and you can order Do I Hate Being Right All the Time: The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book here.

[h/t Nerdist]