Watch Nick Offerman Recite a Poem About Chopping Firewood

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Actor and woodworker Nick Offerman is also a poet—or at least he pretends to be one on late-night television. On Wednesday evening, Uproxx reports that the Parks and Recreation star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and recited a rhyming ode to—what else?—chopping lumber.

It’s unclear whether Offerman or a TV writer penned the verses, but the actor did a masterful job of channeling his inner bearded bard (while sitting next to a stack of firewood and sipping a beer, no less). Watch a clip of the rugged rhymester in action below. It's the perfect companion to his 2015 riff on the "Yule Log"—45 uninterrupted minutes of the actor sitting by a crackling fire and drinking whisky.

[h/t Uproxx]