Deleted Scenes From the Original Ghostbusters Have Been Found

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It's hard to imagine that a movie as well known and dissected as Ghostbusters can show us anything new, but according to the film's production company, some previously unreleased footage from the original 1984 film has just been found.

Recently, Ghost Corps—the subdivision of Columbia Pictures that deals with all things Ghostbusters—shared a Facebook image of some old, beat-up VHS boxes that came from director Ivan Reitman's personal storage. The caption on the post states that the tapes contain deleted scenes that have never been released publicly—not even on any DVDs or Blu-rays.

There's no way of knowing exactly what's on these tapes; however, the label on one of them reads "Fort Detmerring," which should pique the interest of any hardcore Ghostbusters fan, as the scene has become a white whale among the film's devotees over the years. Images have been released of it, descriptions have been written about it, but whether anyone outside of the production's inner circle has actually watched it is up for debate. Here's how the scene is described by the Ghostbusters Wiki:

Ray Stantz is in the Fort Detmerring Single Officers’ Quarters, a painstakingly restored period room with a four poster bed, writing table and wardrobe hung with uniforms. Ray tries on an officer’s uniform and models in front of a full-length mirror, striking a few heroic poses. He then tests out the bed and quickly falls asleep from exhaustion. A uniform sleeve moves slightly. A sabre in its sheath begins to tap lightly against the open doorsash. A phosphorescent light streaked out in between gaps in the clothing, casting patterns over the room. Ray’s P.K.E. Meter goes off. Stantz rolled over. From inside the attire, a pink mist rose up and took on a human form. It hovered above Ray and seems to look over Ray. Ray, still asleep, rolled onto his back. The mist slithered through the curtains of the bed post and slowly descended. The ghost appears to be a beautiful young woman. She is face to face with Ray then moves down past his waist. Ray wakes up and props himself up. The ghost vanished. Ray’s belt is undone and his zipper slowly opened. Ray’s confusion turns to pleasure. Meanwhile, Winston Zeddemore is walking in the corridor outside smoking a cigarette. He heard voices and went up to the door. Winston asked Ray if everything was okay. Ray quickly yells, “Later, Man!!” Winston shrugged and slunk away.

As /Film points out, a brief glimpse of this footage is actually shown during the film's montage scene, but it was originally set to be a much larger plot point. The entire sub-plot was removed because Reitman felt it threw off the pacing and logic of the story.

The other VHS tapes are labeled "Honeymooners" (this could refer to a deleted scene that has already been released) and one labeled simply "Bill Murray," which already sounds promising. There's no word on when (or if) these scenes will ever be shown to the public, but if this is Columbia's way to gauge interest in this footage, the flood of Facebook comments should clue them in on people's appetite for more Ghostbusters.

[h/t /Film]