This Map Plans Your Next Road Trip Around America's Best Pinball Parlors

Matt Mechtley/Flickr
Matt Mechtley/Flickr / Matt Mechtley/Flickr

A pinball machine may be a rare sight in a world overtaken by mobile and console gaming, but that doesn't mean they're extinct. In fact, if you're the adventurous type, you could even build the perfect road trip around them. Below is a map of a cross-country journey you can take to hit up some of the most impressive pinball parlors America has to offer.

The map, courtesy of Atlas Obscura, showcases 37 pinball parlors from across the country, stretching from Pelham, New Hampshire to San Francisco and numerous cities in between. If you're into the more offbeat pinball culture, there's Brooklyn's Sunshine Laundromat, where you can play some pinball, have a few beers, and do a load of wash all under one roof. Then there are the more conventional joints, like Pelham's Pinball Wizard, which is decked out like a classic arcade. Some, like Banning, California's Museum of Pinball, are home to intense pinball competitions throughout the year, so you'll need to practice a bit before attempting those.

If you're not into the whole road trip idea but still want to burn through that jar full of quarters on your nightstand, you can check out this pinball locator to see if there are any worthwhile parlors near you.

[h/t Atlas Obscura]