A Beer Hotel Could be Coming to Ohio

BrewDog via Indiegogo
BrewDog via Indiegogo / BrewDog via Indiegogo

The Scottish beer company BrewDog is poised to bring more than just kegs when it arrives stateside later this year. It’s crowdfunding a beer hotel near its new Columbus, Ohio brewery, too.

The DogHouse will have everything a beer lover could want, and plenty of things you’ve probably never thought of wanting in a hotel. The hotel restaurant will serve three meals a day with craft beer pairings and beer-infused dishes. Each room will even have a tap so guests can serve themselves BrewDog’s flagship beer, Punk IPA.

Oh, and there’s a weird emphasis on bathing with beer. There will be a craft beer spa where you can get a number of “beer treatments” that the company has yet to elaborate on. Beer-lotion massages? Beer facials? Beer-soaked pedicures? All of the above, we hope. And if you don’t want to pop down to the spa, you can relax in a beer hot tub in your room. If you are staying in the hotel’s luxury suite, you get a hot tub full of BrewDog’s Punk IPA. Those who stay in regular rooms will have to content themselves with shower beers instead—from the in-shower fridges provided.

BrewDog hopes to open the hotel by fall 2018, and considering that its Indiegogo campaign has raised more than 200 percent of its goal in less than a week, that seems totally plausible. Based on the company’s generous new paw-ternity leave policy, we hope it will be pup-friendly.

All images courtesy BrewDog via Indiegogo.